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So I’m just getting started with this new blog. The obvious part is that it is primarily dedicated to feral cats. What may be less obvious is that I will be showcasing my photography of feral cats here, too. And, of course, I plan to share feral cat stories and news I find around the web.

Most of the stars of this show, the ones with dedicated pages, are what I call “formerly feral” because it’s really more of a continuum than a permanent status, no matter what you may have been told.

In fact, I have a simple formula for you to memorize: TIME + TUNA = TAMING. But, as you’ll learn, time is measured in months or years, not hours or days.

And maybe “spectrum” is a better word to use here. We’ve got one who was obviously never feral. One who was probably never feral but got damned close before she found us, and took over a year before I could touch her. A third who was born wild, but was adopted into the household as a kitten and is as far from feral as it gets, now.

And then, on the other end, there’s Mr. Tom. He had to have been at least two years old, likely older from the wear and tear, when I first saw him. Wanted nothing to do with people, except to grab a meal if it was out there. It took six full years before I could touch him at all. Now we’re buddies. Lovey-dovey. And it’s a beautiful thing.

But still, on the wild end of the spectrum, well, I’ll save their stories for later…