Bonzai was showing all the classic signs of hyperthyroidism – overactive thyroid. So I took her in to get it checked and her thyroid is fine. The physical exam even pointed to hyperthyroid. But all of her organs checked out fine on the blood tests.

Bonzai 2014 06 13

The vet said that with these symptoms in cats, it’s either thyroid or behavioral, and usually thyroid, but with her results we’re probably looking at a behavioral issue.

Her main observable symptoms on my end are weight loss and a voracious appetite. I mean, flying all over the place about food. Just hysterical. Pounding the food dish and then running around to the other dishes before she even finishes the one she has.

The vet also said she had some muscle wasting in her back, and I think she said “spongy abdomen”.


She actually calmed down about her food tonight. A lot! There are things we can do so she doesn’t feel like she has to compete for food. And, the vet confirmed that her eyesight is for crap, which can’t help with feeling stressed and insecure about it. She was like a totally different cat when there were no other cats around while she was eating.


It wasn’t all for nothing. I’ve been wanting to get her checked out since she showed up here. I had hoped to wait until she was a little more comfortable with strangers, so she could get a more thorough and less stressful once-over. She is finally very friendly with me, after more than a year of not being able to approach her, and she is just starting to accept strangers on a limited basis.

We did learn that she needs some dental work, too.