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I’ve been slacking on blog posts, and I think it’s because I have been having a hard time deciding how to approach this post. How far back do I go? I’m just going to jump right in where we are now.

Gorgeous is scheduled for a nosectomy. Yes, that is what it sounds like. They are going to cut off his nose. Does it sound nicer if I say “surgically remove” his nose? I don’t think so.

It sounds fucking awful, no matter how you phrase it, but they say that cats do well with it, and that it will most likely be an improvement to his quality of life, rather than a problem for him. The purpose is to get rid of the cancer, while we still can. That is, if it really is cancer.

So why do it if we’re not sure?

There are several reasons. His nose has become a constant wound, and it’s deteriorating no matter what is causing it. When they did the biopsy it was already so bad that they couldn’t get enough of a sample and still be able to close it up.

Histopathology (the test on the biopsied tissue) was inconclusive, but appeared to be precancerous and indicated squamous cell carcinoma, which all the vets and oncologists on the case agree is most likely in his case.

There is a chance that something else is causing this chronic problem, but the chronic inflammation can lead to cancer, too. And it’s painful. So, the nose has to go.

Chest Xray and the test on his lymph fluid say the cancer hasn’t spread. CT scan says whatever is going on has not spread to the bone, but they aren’t sure if they’ll get good margins with the surgery. The surgeon can’t guarantee anything, but she feels like there is a good chance they will get it all. And they will test the tissue they take to find out.

Then we will address his ongoing dental problems. We have been addressing his dental problems, and we thought we got it, but the CT scan shows more. Understand that he only has two teeth left, as far as visible teeth go. They though he had lost a bunch and that they had pulled the rest. Then, after the inflammation went down, they discovered more little rotten pieces in there. They took those out, but apparently they didn’t find everything.

The amazing thing is that the constant nasal congestion and dental problems have not put him off his food at all! When it is all said and done his look will be a little different, but he should feel so much better.