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You may have heard about the worldwide trend of cat cafes. If you’re not familiar, these are places where people can go hang out with cats. You pay to get in, and some places serve beverages.

It started in Taiwan, spread to Japan, and eventually started catching on around in other countries. It was a way for people who can’t have cats at home to spend some time with them.

Unfortunately, the U.S. has been lagging. But the first U.S. cat cafe has finally opened in Oakland, California. It’s called Cat Town Cafe, and all of the cats are adoptable! (Thanks for telling me about this, Mom!)

More U.S. cat cafes are in the works. The Denver Cat Company is trying to get going (see how you can help). They are also partnering with a shelter. Meow Parlour is supposed to open in New York in December. They are partnering with KittyKind. And there are others planning to open soon across the country.