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Gorgeous had his surgery. No more nose. And he’s doing really well in so many ways. He handled the drive and the overnight stay with strangers much better than expected. Given how much he freaked out over the 5 minute drive to our local vet, I am very impressed. Everyone who worked with him just loves him and everyone who has worked with him can’t say enough about how wonderful he is and how great he is.



He is recovering well.

One of our big worries was that he wouldn’t deal well with being stuck in the house. Our fears were confirmed when he first came home, but that has changed. On the first day he ground his face into the floor by the door and filled up the place where his nose used to be with dirt and hair. Scared the shit out of me! But I was able to clean it pretty easily because the hair caught the dirt.

We worried that he wouldn’t use a litter box, because he always went next to the box inside the crate before, and that would be another reason for him to be desperate to go outside. But, he started using the box pretty quick, too.

And he started enjoying the couch and other comforts. Sitting in the window. Overall, he is doing great with being inside.

Big worry number two was that he wouldn’t want to eat. That was the one the doctors were most worried about, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t be a problem because he has been a hungry monster the whole time, before the surgery, even though he was so swollen and congested that he probably couldn’t smell his food for a very long time. So the doctor and everyone else made a big deal of making the food as smelly as possible to keep him interested, but other than his first day home, he’s had a huge appetite. I thought he would.

We’ve been very lucky on that! I know the Hell of a cat that won’t eat – feeding tube time! I can do that, but it’s so much better that he eats on his own!

So, here’s the part that isn’t such good news. The test results on his nose. Most of it was good. Well differentiated with good margins. But in one small spot there were cancer cells to the edge. That means they might not have got it all, and a high likelihood of the cancer coming back. Or, it’s possible that they did get it all and it will not come back.

He gets his stitches out next week. We have a lot to think about and research, in a very short amount of time, to decide how to move forward.

And I will post some pictures soon, post nosectomy.