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Gorgeous, December, 2014

Gorgeous, December, 2014

This is about 3 weeks, 20 days to be exact, after his nosectomy. His nose is still runny and his whiskers haven’t completely grown back yet where they shaved for the surgery, but he’s looking really good.

He’s totally into being inside now, too. 🙂 We were so concerned that he would not be happy inside. In the past he would get desperate to get out.

You can see in the pictures that he is still healing. It’s hard to say how long he will have a runny nose. The doctor said that’s partly because the tissue gets irritated so easily just from exposure to the air because he just doesn’t have the filter he’s used to. So, it could take some time. His nose was always running and stuffy before, and even though it runs now, he breathes much clearer and quieter.

We run humidifiers and try to keep the humidity over 30% for him. Initially, they recommended keeping the humidity up to keep the scabs soft. I think it’s best to keep it up for his comfort, and it’s good for us too.


I’ve included some different angles. The lighting is a little misleading on the profile shot. You can’t really see the black part of his lower lip and chin.

IMG_1624  IMG_1632 IMG_1622 IMG_1623