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First of all, to clear something up for those of you who are saying, “Wait! I thought this was a feral cat blog. Feral cats don’t use litter boxes. Why are we talking about cat litter?”

Feral cats do use litter boxes when they are formerly feral, now well-adapted house cats. And, when they have to stay inside overnight or for a few days while recuperating from a medical procedure. But we’ll get into those details in another post.

Right now I have to vent about scented cat litter. It’s pure evil!

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On principle alone, the concept is insulting. “Oh, let’s add a little perfume to that poo smell. That will make you feel better. You might even enjoy it!” That’s about as appealing as scented maxipads.

Only, it’s way more cruel than that because, if you use a covered litter box, your cat is trapped in there with their nose in the stench, or your cat refuses to go in there and gets in trouble for “going” outside the litter box.

Then there is the practical matter of allergies. I happen to be allergic to most scented stuff, so I’m very skeptical about how my cats will react. But I bought some litter a couple of years ago that turned out to be lightly scented, and it didn’t bother me, and at first the cats didn’t seem bothered and actually seemed to prefer it to their old litter. It wasn’t long before one of my cats was sneezing, snotty, and plain miserable.

Now the part that really pisses me off is that they don’t always tell you the litter is scented. I hunt and scan all over the packaging looking for signs that it might be before I buy, and what I have discovered is that if it doesn’t actually say “unscented” it is scented. Even if it claims that the “odor control” is due to baking soda, etc.

This was my last experience. I found a box of Arm & Hammer Ultra Last, and I searched all over for signs that it contained perfume. Nothing! I remember buying the brand before and liking it, and it was unscented. I knew they made scented versions too, but I was thinking they mentioned the “fresh scent” somewhere on the box.

So I got this one, thinking it should be OK. I even smelled the box in the store because usually you can actually smell the perfume through the packaging, it’s so strong! Seemed fine.

Tonight I discovered that this shit is super evil. It’s a sneak attack! I don’t know how they pull it off. When I opened the box nothing happened. I poured it in the litter boxes, and just after I poured it in I caught a very faint whiff of eau de laundrymat. Then I smelled the box the litter came in and, yes, that was it.

So, I thought since I’m so sensitive to these things I would double check with my husband. I told him I thought it kind of smelled like a laundrymat and he said, “That’s exactly what it smells like!” with a look of dismayed disgust.

Since it was very faint and they still had a litter box with their regular, unscented litter in it, I thought we would see how they did with it, at least until morning. Well, about an hour later I walked into that room and it was overpowering! How the Hell did the scent just keep growing like that? My husband had the same reaction, and he can’t even smell half the shit that kills me.

So, it’s out. I took the boxes outside, and they will have to make do with one box until the store opens tomorrow. At least they don’t have to be suffocated with that awful, evil scented litter!