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As you can see, Sylvester is a very handsome cat. And, to my astonishment, it is possible to get good portraits of him. As long as I’m not the one taking them.




But, for some reason, I cannot take a good picture of him! My mom took these. She is an amazing photographer and my inspiration. But why does he sit for her and not me?

When I try to take his picture he closes his eyes or turns away 90% of the time. If I happen to get a good shot, it’s out of focus, and not in a nice, artistic way. 😦 You can see my best example at the top of the page. It would be great, but it’s out of focus, and it’s the kind of great that begs to be in very sharp focus.

So, the irony? My mom says she has the hardest time getting a good picture of Stash. Why is that ironic? Stash is THE ONE out of all of my cats that I have an abundance of great shots of. From the time she was a kitten and would dash out of sight and hide if she heard me open the front door, I’ve managed to get great pictures of her. Great poses, in focus, the whole shebang! I have more excellent photos of Stash than anyone else. But Sylvester? I cannot get one. I have taken some really cute ones, but no good portraits.

My mom has a knack. She can get good pictures of anyone and anything. She becomes a completely different person with the camera in her hands. Focused and fearless. And it shows in the results.