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Bonzai is beautiful and very loving. She’s also got an unpredictable personality. When she showed up, she had horrible wounds and we couldn’t get within 50 feet of her. It took over a year for me to pet her, but it was always pretty certain that she was not a feral cat. She was lost or dumped.

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A while back I saw that she was very sneezy and snotty. I put lysine in her food for a long time, back before I could touch her, but it didn’t seem to do much good. When I was finally able to pet her I took her to the vet. Turns out she had really bad teeth.

The vet said we could hold off a while on dental work, wait until things were more settled with Gorgeous. If it got to the point that I thought she needed antibiotics, I could get them and give them to her to hold her over. Well, we got there. We went from sneezy to green and bloody snot caked nose overnight.

We put her on a 10 day course of clindamycin. That knocked it back to sneezy and snotty, but not gross infected snotty. So, I scheduled her for a dental.

She had been in the habit of running inside the house to eat occasionally, but she was really sketchy about it and didn’t stay in long. Then, two days before her procedure was scheduled, she came in and stayed all day and into the night. I let her out when she wanted out that night. She came back in the next morning, and hasn’t gone out since. Hasn’t shown any interest in going out!

She had her dental work, they pulled 16 teeth and she was already missing some. Now she has 4 teeth left, all of her canines. And she has become a total indoor cat. Again. I think she was an indoor cat before.