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Here are some more current pictures of Gorgeous. For those of you who have kitties with skin cancer and are facing possible nosectomy, I hope this puts you at ease. I can tell you that in person his “nose hole” doesn’t look so red. If you’ve seen the pictures in my earlier post Preparing Yourself for Your Cat’s Nosectomy, I think you’ll find these pictures much more comforting. 🙂

Gorgeous - late September, 2015

Gorgeous – late September, 2015

So, the first picture is Gorgeous sitting in one of his favorite spots on the stairs right over my shoulder when I’m sitting at my desk. From there he climbs onto the back of my chair and then down into my lap. Once in my lap he likes to climb up and hang onto my shoulder with his razor blades. I really have to get one of those baby slings! 🙂

Gorgeous - July, 2015

Gorgeous – July, 2015

IMG_3982 (2)

Gorgeous – July 2015

The last two pictures are Gorgeous taking over my desk chair for a snooze.