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It has been more than a year since I posted an update on Gorgeous. Before I jump into the details, he is doing very well even though the cancer returned.

When I posted the last update, in 2015, the cancer was just starting to come back. You can see the little scab in the main photo for the post. It has grown a lot! And yes, it looks like Hell, but his overall health is still excellent and he is still his weird, wonderful self.

He’s still a piglet – loves to eat. He has lost some weight, which puts him at a normal weight for his size. Right after his nosectomy he gained weight fast and I was worried that we would face some issues from that. He’s also an angry eater. That works in our favor. Instead of putting him off his food, nasty-tasting meds and other annoyances like issues with his scab send him straight to the food dish.

He’s still mean to most other cats and dogs. Still loves his girlfriend Fluffy. And he’s like a puppy-dog with people. Up on his back feet, pawing on our legs. Not just the resident humans. His favorite visitors, too. That baby panda video? That’s what it’s like around here with Gorgeous 😊


He had a check-up last week, and aced it! We did routine bloodwork required due to the medicine he takes. He’s taking Metacam, which is an anti-inflammatory. So, we have to check his kidneys and liver every six months. We did a baseline when he started and this was his first check on that. No change, which is good. Also, heart and lungs sound good. Left nostril (the non-cancerous side) all good. Right lymph node only slightly enlarged.

The scab is huge. He’s had some bouts of infection, and some allergies. We treat it with whatever is appropriate. Antibiotics, antihistamines, etc. He gets better. His right nostril is blocked off by the scab. Food gets caked on the scab now. It grows and grows. He has sneezing fits. He blows the scab off. It looks like a raw, bloody mess when he does. But it’s actually a good thing because it gets rid of that dead tissue and stuff. Sometimes that make it trickle blood which irritates and annoys him, and thankfully with him that means he goes straight for the food dish instead of withdrawing like many cats would.

Most importantly, he enjoys life! He loves getting love. Loves aggravating others. For now, the cosmetic issue makes it look much worse than it is. That probably won’t hold forever, but at two years and nearly four months since his nosectomy, he is still doing much better than he was prior to surgery.