Iris is a beautiful girl! We call her the “white lion” because she has that belly flap, sometimes called a primordial pouch, that you see on lions, and she’s our only white kitty.

Her parents are tuxedo cats – mostly black with some white. She actually has those markings, but she’s white with off-white, and eyeliner. So, she looks like a white cat that has some dirty spots if you don’t look closely enough.

She’s our sweetest, as far as avoiding conflict with other cats. And she’s the most skittish of people. She’s the one I’ve only been able to pet once. And that’s sort of shocking because she was born and raised here to Stash, who has been here since she was old enough to wean.

When Irish was a baby, she didn’t look like a kitten. She looked like a miniature cat. Here’s what she looked like at about 4 weeks, when she was still pretty kitten-like:


Here’s a picture of her with her mom through a very dirty window, when she was about 3 months old:




So she went from kitten shape to very thin and grown-up shaped pretty quickly. Then she plumped up and developed big hips and thighs and the belly flap. Today she has trimmed down a bit to a healthy-looking shape. That’s her in the back behind her mom Stash, and granddad Mr. Tom.

Iris, Stash, Mr. Tom

Iris, Stash, Mr. Tom

She talks to me all the time, and just recently she doesn’t run away so much when I put the food out. I put down a dish for each cat and tell them by name who it is for. When I put hers down just six inches from her, and tell her it’ for her, she doesn’t back away. She just waits for me to let go of the dish and then goes for it. A couple of weeks ago she still ran off a few feet when I put the dish down close to her.

There are more details to share in her story, in between. I’ll get that in here eventually.


2 thoughts on “Iris”

  1. M E Cheshier said:

    Love these pics and the marking on the cats are fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

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